Friday, September 09, 2005

What does "Hybrid Synergy Drive" mean?

I don't mean from a technical standpoint, I mean from a marketing standpoint. According to the New York Times, a Toyota spokesman says:
"We are not marketing them only as highly fuel-efficient vehicles; that is a natural association people have with the word hybrid," Mr. Nolasco said, referring largely to the Highlander and the Lexus. "We are marketing hybrid synergy drive - great environmental performance and, at the same time, great driving performance."

After just 10 days with our Hybrid, I'd have to say the vehicle completely fits that description. It's a joy to drive, has performance when we need it and is still frugal at the gas pump. Toyota expects 25% of their vehicle sales in 2010 to be hybrids; if they keep building cars like our Highlander, I think they will meet their goal sooner.


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