Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to our blog

Yes, we spelled "Highlander" wrong, but we did this for two reasons:

1. Toyota obviously has all of the relevant "Highlander" domains on the web.
2. We think Toyota should have called the hybrid version the "Hylander"; the "hy-" in both would have been great for marketing.

We're just everyday people that are trying to reduce our dependency on gas and oil. Barb and I currently work in the Information Technology industry. We also do an occasional podcast while commuting to work, aptly named the CommuteCast. Additionaly, I blog on various sites, most recently and notably the high definition television blog, HD Beat.

Through this blog, we'll take you through our decision process for the Highlander Hybrid, what the purchase steps were and what our everyday experience is with the vehicle since we just took delivery of our 2006 Highlander Hybrid yesterday!

We welcome you to join the Hybrid community and share your thoughts with us on the blog. Welcome!


At 9:50 AM, Blogger MikeScott8 said...

Cool! looking forward to hearing about the Highlander. I am wanting a Hybrid vehicle but also want a SUV. I have been in the hybrid car by Toyota (drawing a mind misfire on the name)

The blog is added to my autos group before I finished this note.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...

You'll hear all about the new vehicle Mike! We just uploaded a podcast about the Hybird that we recorded IN the Hybrid! My guess is that you rode in the Prius. It's a nice hybrid vehicle, but wasn't an option for us as we needed more space and 4WD.



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