Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Still Navigating the Nav System

Well we used the Navigation System the other day to my grandparents house. We plugged in their home address and the path was set. Inputting the destination address is very simple and the coolest thing is the system offers only the letters that it thinks it needs next. It is right on the money with the remaining letters and you can even select the name of the location as you complete the word. Wow I didn't expect that feature. Of course, safety is always a concern and the system will not allow you to input anything when the vehicle is in motion.

Another cool feature is you get a choice of 3 routes - quick 1, quick 2, and really quick. We haven't tried all 3 but for the road to Nana's we picked Quick 1. It wasn't as quick as we knew but it was nice to see all the new horse farms and roads we hadn't been on before. The path is shown on the screen and a very polite lady comes on as you approach the intersection and tells you what to do. So anyway, why is the voice always a women? Is it because men never ask for directions? Hmmm. Not sure I'll have to see if you can program another voice. But I give the lady credit she is extremely polite.

We purposely went a different way (OK maybe not so purposely, we missed the crazy turn) and the route was rerouted instantly to make up for the difference. She didn't come on and say I didn't say to turn there, she just said proceed 9 tenths of a mile and turn right.

When you get to the destination she says "You arrived at your destination." She is just so polite. I'll have to get it on the podcast for ya'll next time so you can hear it.

Many more cool things came with the system which we haven't tried out yet and I'll post more as I figure them all out. And maybe I can get KCT to teach me how to add pictures to my posts and I'll show you some photos of the Nav System.

By the way, my grandparents were so amazed that the route to their house was shown for them. Happy driving everyone! We are having so much fun with the Hybrid. We can be in stealth mode and noone expects us to be there.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger MikeScott8 said...

a post by Robert Scoble talking abot Dave Winer's navigation system (post says it is a Toyota system) and issues with it.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...

Thanks for the link Mike. Based on Scoble's post, I'd say it's the same Nav system with the same polite lady!


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