Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our Hybrid survived the NASCAR race

We took the Hybrid down to Dover, Delaware on Sunday for the MBNA RacePoints 400. Oh, what a joy it was to sit in traffic and not use gas! The 110 mile one-way trip usually takes us anywhere from 3 to 5 hours on race day. We got lucky somehow; we left by 6:15am and were parked by 9:15 am. The first 80 miles of the trip you run "at speed." It's those last 20 miles where over 120,000 fans are trying to get in to the track that are the killer.

We did the same on the way home; just 3 hours for some reason. The Hybrid kicked butt as usual. We averaged 28.3 miles per gallon for the 220 miles. When you think about the time spent on the road (6 hours), it's even more impressive. Previous years, I've burned a whole tank of gas on race day just because you sit in bumper to bumper traffice for a good several hours.

On the way down, we got to thinking. Why doesn't NASCAR start a new racing series that only allows hybrid vehicles? You can change as many tires as you want, but you only get one tank of fuel!


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