Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hybrid gas savings spreadsheet

We're working on creating a simple spreadsheet of our gas costs with the Hybrid. Here's a partial screen shot:

Once we get a few tanks under our belt and work out any kinks with the spreadsheet, we'll upload it to our server and make it available for download over in the sidebar. We'll be showing the basics of course: MPG for the tank, cumulative MPG for the vehicle, cost of each fill-up, and more. Additionally, we're going to calculate what it would have cost us to drive the same miles with the vehicle we traded in. We averaged between 13 and 14 miles per gallon in the long term on the pickup truck, so we'll use 13.5 mpg for all calculations. This will give you a running total of how much money we've saved, not including any other savings such as tax deductions or reduced emissions inspection fees.

Let us know if there is a metric you would like to see and we'll try to add it to the spreadsheet!


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