Sunday, September 04, 2005

Gas savings: how much?

CNET has nifty little on-line calculator to illustrate how much you can save in gas money for various hybrids. You need to know either the current city or highway gas mileage of your current vehicle and what the cost per gallon is for gas. If you switch to a hybrid vehicle, your gas savings will vary; it all depends on what you're driving now.

Example: if person A already gets 20mpg and person B only gets 15mpg on their current vehicles, person B will save more by switching to a hybrid.

Since we were getting roughly 13mpg, I used that figure. Additionally, I used $3.25 per gallon as the cost of gasoline.

With those estimates, a year of driving for us (roughly 15,000 miles) will cost us $1477 in gas. With the old vehicle, it would have cost us $3750, or $2273 more! WOW!


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