Tuesday, September 06, 2005

30 mpg!

With a little room to spare, I went from 29.1 mpg this morning to 30.2 today! Yes, I am driving very conservatively, but my driving today consisted of:

- Ride to WaWa for coffee (GottaHavaWawa!)
- Continue on to work
- Ride to Boston Market for lunch
- Trip to Target for my son's birthday present (LEGO's Millennium Falcon which was out of stock)
- Ride back to work from lunch
- Drive to another Target after work (success!)
- Drive home

I find myself coasting downhill as much as possible and I'm also accelerating fairly slowly in order to get this gas mileage, but to me it's worth it.

By the way, this pic is a great example of the instrumentation on the Highlander Hybrid. Your current MPG are always reflected on the right side. Your cumulative MPG for the trip is on the bottom. Every 5 minutes you get a graphical representation of your mileage during that time period, as well as the amount of electricity you regenerated by braking or coasting.


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